Best Color Combos to Try in Your Apartment

Athens, Ohio, Court Street apartmentscan feel a bit drab at times. You’re often limited on just how much sprucing up you can do. Most apartments won’t allow you to paint, and some are strict about what you can hang to minimize the holes you put into the walls. So how...

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Leaving Your Rental Home for Winter Break

If you’re leaving school for a few weeks to head back home or go on a trip, then it’s important that your apartment is in good condition before you leave. As a renter, it can be easy to overlook your role in properly winterizing your apartment while you’re gone but...

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Sightseeing Around Athens, Ohio

As a new student, it’s easy to get so caught up in your studies that you forget to enjoy all that Athens, OH, has to offer. Whether it’s your first semester at Ohio University or you’ve been here for years and just haven’t taken the time to see the sights,...

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Top Toilet Cleaning Hacks

Moving in with new roommates—especially ones that you’ve never met before—can come with a lot of growing pains. You have to share spaces, learn to deal with each other’s bad habits, and find a way to live together without driving each other nuts. But one...

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Organizational Tips for Tiny Closets

Even the finest Ohio University rentals are often lacking one thing: closet space. It’s a fact of living in an apartment that most square footage is going to be dedicated to living space with very little to spare for storage spaces, such as closets. This...

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