Your room and apartment will be your life line during college, so don’t be afraid to put some effort into making it look cozy and feel like home. We’ve put together 10 rental-friendly decor and decoration tips for college students to help you get started!

  • Use Command Hooks to Hang Artwork

Just because you are renting a place, doesn’t mean you can’t add some of your favorite artwork to a room. Try to avoid nailing or taping your artwork and instead use Command Picture Hanging Strips for a rental-friendly alternative. Plus, when the time comes to move out, they won’t leave a mark on the wall and it makes things easier for you!

  • Hang Curtains Rather Than Blinds

Check to see if your apartment allows curtains versus blinds.  Curtains are a great way to make a rental feel a little more cozy and homey. If you can’t hang curtains, try adding fabric shower curtain hooks to hang other curtain accessories. It’s a cheap and easy way to add some natural light while adding another layer of warmth to the room.

  • Add Natural Vibes with Plants

Having some plants in your room can make it feel more inviting and warm. Try finding some small decorative plants that fit within certain size restrictions for your apartment.

Succulents are an excellent choice for college rooms because they are small and have a resilient nature. Some other good choices include ferns, zz plants, snake plants, or pothos plants.

  • Invest in Fun Bedding

Investing in some fun bedding can make your college bed feel cozier.  Find some covers that you love and feel comfortable with. If possible, find a set that has the same print on the duvet and sham for an extra cozy feel.

A college bed can be a place of refuge, so having some fun and inviting bedding can really help you lay your head down and relax.

  • Add Color with Pillows and Throws

An easy way to add color and personality to your apartment or bedroom is by adding fun pillows and throws.  Find some pillows that catch your eye and add a pop of color to the room. Throws are another great way to add color to a room. Look for throws that are soft, inviting, and comfortable.

  • Create Good Lighting

Having sufficient lighting in your apartment can make it feel more inviting. Look for desk lamps or floor lamps that are stylish and give you the option to change the lighting in your room when needed. 

Floor lamps are a great choice for college apartments because they tend to be on the shorter side and can fit easily within your apartment. Along with lamps, consider adding twinkle lights to a bedroom or living room to add an extra warm and inviting vibe.

  • Find a Fun Rug

A rental-friendly rug is another great way to add color to your apartment or bedroom. Choose a fun rug that will brighten up the space and give it a polished look.

Having a rug can also help cover any blemishes on the carpet or floors that previously exist in the rental home. Sometimes large rugs can be quite expensive, so don’t be afraid to use several small coordinating rugs instead to add color to a space!

  • Use Dual Purpose Furniture

Consider using furniture that can hold multiple purposes to maximize space. For example, you could use a trunk as both storage and seating, or use a storage ottoman to hold blankets or pillows. You could also use a bookshelf as seating for guests.

  • Style a Bookshelf

Investing in a fun bookshelf can add purpose to your apartment or bedroom. Even if you are renting, you can find ways to style a bookshelf to make it more inviting. Try finding a bookshelf with a fun modern design or a shelf that has different levels.

Use the different levels for displaying fun decor or all those books you’ll need for your college courses as well as some of your favorite books to read to capture a bit of home!

  • Use Mirrors to Create Space

Even though your college apartment may feel small, try to make it feel as spacious as possible. Rather than filling up every corner of the room with a piece of furniture, try adding a mirror to one wall. Mirrors can add an illusion of space and make a room look bigger than it actually is.

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