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Living in off-campus housing definitely has its benefits. There’s more independence, an abundance of diverse people, and more flexibility in living your life the way you want. To better prepare new students, we’ve put together a list of FAQs and tips for Ohio University off-campus housing students.

I found a great place to rent. What’s the next step?

Find a Roommate

Once you have a place lined up, you may want to consider roommates. Roommates are a great way to reduce your monthly costs, which will give you more money for tuition, books, and other expenses.

Learning to share your living space with someone else can be an adjustment for some students, so when you select your roommates, try to find ones who are respectful and seem easy to get along with. Go in with an open mind and have fun!

Inspect in Advance

Before you move in, go through the apartment and do a thorough inspection. If there’s any damage, record it and then make sure your landlord is aware of the conditions beforehand. Keep a copy of your documentation and make sure the landlord gets one as well.

What are some common mistakes I should avoid?

Don’t Live Outside Your Means

If you can only afford a 2-bedroom apartment with a roommate, go with that. But don’t sign up for a 4-bedroom with extra amenities if you can’t afford it. While it’s tempting, it’s not sustainable. You don’t want to end up in a financial hole later in the semester, so plan ahead!

Don’t Skim the Lease

Your apartment lease is a legal agreement and it needs to be read carefully before it’s signed. Included will be the conditions of the relationship between you and the landlord. It will go over apartment rules, expectations, and prices. A lease is meant to protect both the tenant and landlord, so pay it the amount of attention it requires. Once signed, you’re legally obligated to a copy of the lease. Keep it in a safe place and refer to it whenever needed down the road.

Don’t Ignore the Complex Rules

There are some students who like to push boundaries and bend a few of the rules now that they’re independent adults. Ultimately, that’s a risky decision. Breaking a complex rule isn’t only a sign of disrespect; it could potentially put your status as a tenant at risk. Have fun and enjoy the college lifestyle, but do so with responsibility and remember the boundaries you initially agreed to.

What benefits do Wharton Rentals offer?

Wharton Rentals has a great variety of affordable off-campus housing to choose from. Living here keeps you close to the lively venues found downtown while still being within walking distance of campus. This makes our housing ideal for any Ohio University student. Call for more information and get set up in your new housing today!

How can I keep monthly costs down?

With off campus housing living, it’s a good idea to apply energy-lowering tactics to save money on your utility bills. These include some of the following:

Limit the use of electricity during the day. Open the windows and the curtains and let natural light flow in.
Keep your thermostat at a low, constant temperature. Large, inconsistent jumps in the AC or heat can cause the bill to go up.
Don’t waste water. Limit the lengths of your showers, and don’t leave the water running when it’s not needed.
Keep doors and windows closed when you have the AC or heat running to prevent lost energy.
Keep furniture and items away from the vents to ensure the air flow isn’t blocked.
Only run the dishwasher or washing machine when there are full loads to clean.
Keep an open communication with your roommates about utility use and cost. With the help of everyone living in the house doing their part, you can keep the usage low and save money.

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