A Guide to Exercising in Your Apartment

The idea of staying at home for work, school, and exercise has become more and more prevalent nowadays. While gyms and fitness studios are ideal for staying in shape, many students in Ohio University off-campus housing may not have the ability to rush off to a gym for...

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Daily Cleaning Tips to Follow during Quarantine

New trends are emerging in 2020 due to the exceptional circumstances of the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has kept a lot of people at home, and quarantine has become part of normal life. In case of another outbreak, everybody needs to be prepared to...

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Top Items to Have in Your Student Rental

Out of all the Ohio University houses in Athens, you've found the perfect one for you. After a long search, it's finally time to move into your very own student rental. Now for the fun part—you get to fill it with all the things you need! But, when it's your first...

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Maintaining Social Distancing around Athens

In an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19, Ohio University has extended online coursework through the end of the spring semester at least, and citizens are encouraged to practice social distancing even as businesses and public areas begin reopening. We wanted to...

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Growing Organic Veggies in Your Rental Property

Whether you prefer to eat only organic vegetables or you simply enjoying growing things, growing your own vegetables is a great way to add healthy foods to your diet while gaining the satisfaction of growing your own food. College students have a tendency to turn to...

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Common Roommate Issues for Student Renters

Any time two or more people share a living space, issues are bound to arise. It doesn’t matter if it’s a married couple, a parent and their kids, or roommates renting Athens, Ohio, Court Street apartments together—conflicts will happen. If you’ve never had roommates...

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