We Make Finding Ohio University Rentals Simple

If you have had enough of living in the residence halls and are ready to live off campus, do yourself a favor and check out our selection of Ohio University rentals. Whether you want a place all to your own, or a property with enough bedrooms for you and all your friends, we have plenty of Athens rentals to choose from. We have so many locations to choose from, that it’s easy to find a place within walking distance of campus and the uptown area with all its nightlife. Our staff is ready to answer your questions and arrange for tours, so contact us.

Plenty of Amenities Come with Our Ohio University Rentals

Dirty laundry is a fact of life, but when you pick one of our Ohio University rentals with a washer and dryer, you skip having to lug dirty clothes all around town or back home to mom and dad’s. If you’d like your Ohio University housing to come with a backyard deck so you can hang out with your friends and maybe throw something on a grill while you sip something cold, we have locations like that available. Whatever you’re interested in, you’ll probably find it in our listings. To get started, fill out a rental application and email us, call, or stop on by.

You’ll Love Where You Live with Our Ohio University Rentals

Being told where you’re going to live and with whom gets pretty old, fast, doesn’t it? There are many great things about our Ohio University rentals. First, you get to pick where you’ll live from among dozens of fantastic apartments and houses. Each location comes with its own unique features and qualities, but all of our rentals are well maintained and affordable. Our units are also located all over town, though most are close to campus and the uptown area, because we know that’s where you like to be. Use our links to take a virtual tour and please call for more information.

More Choices for Your with our Ohio University Rentals

You don’t get a lot of control over who you live with when you’re stuck in the residence halls on campus, but now that you’re consider our Ohio University rentals, choice is exactly what you get. If you really want a place of your own without having to share with anyone else, we have single bedroom apartments available. If you have a few friends that you’d really like to live with, we have that too. And if you can’t wait to live in a hustle bustle environment with tons of friends, we have units with room for six and even more.

Wharton Rentals is committed to making the off-campus living experience a positive one for college students in Athens, Ohio.

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