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We have more than 175 properties under our management, so if you would like to know if we have the best Athens Ohio rentals, why not review our listings and decide for yourself? For the convenience of you and your friends, we group listings by the number of available bedrooms, making it easier for you to find a place with enough room for you and your friends. We also make it easy to stay near campus and the famous Athens nightlife, plotting locations on an interactive map so you can see how close you’ll be with our cool Athens Ohio rentals.

You Deserve the Best Athens Ohio Rentals

And you also deserve the best amenities. You spent your time on campus, and now you want to live off campus. Would you like your own kitchen with new appliances? Fix yourself a meal and forget about dorm food, forever. Tired of hauling mounds of dirty laundry around town or waiting to visit home for new clothes? We think we have the best Athens Ohio rentals, and we know you’ll love a place with its own washer and dryer. We have uptown Athens rentals so you can stay close to school and the uptown area. To get started, fill out one of our rental applications, downloadable right from our site.

Wharton Rentals is committed to making the off-campus living experience a positive one for college students in Athens, Ohio.

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