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Whether you’ve been a student at Ohio State University or you’re a new student attending the school, there are options to move off-campus. Below, we outlined a quick guide on when you should start searching for off-campus OU rental properties for the school year.


Undergraduate Students

With winter in full spring, it’s never been a better time for undergraduates to start looking for off-campus OU rentals. Since there’s such a decline in housing searches from December through February, you probably won’t find any competition to get a rental. However, keep in mind that the following year, you should start searching for rentals earlier in the year, since there will be more options.

Graduate Students

If you’re a graduate student who’s looking for off-campus housing, we suggest you start looking in the fall, between the months of September and November. Usually, in October, students tend to search the most for off-campus housing options. But, if you’re looking for housing that’s still a little closer to campus, which will make commuting easier, these two months are the best time of the year to look.

Another factor you will need to consider when securing off-campus housing is where you want to live. There are a lot of great neighborhoods that are close to campus. Talk to friends and classmates who have lived off-campus and ask for recommendations. You can also speak with a knowledgeable rental agent to learn more about the available Athens, OH, rental properties and where they are located.

International Students


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Students from other countries should begin their search even earlier than other students. Start looking in August instead of September. Locating a suitable rental and signing a lease is a more difficult and lengthy process if you are unable to see the apartment in person ahead of time. Consider asking a relative or friend in the area to view the property before signing any type of agreement. The rental agent may also be able to take you on a video tour of the potential rental so you can see it firsthand even if you are not in the country.

A great resource for international students at Ohio State University is the Neighborhood Services and Collaboration, or NSC. The NSC helps international undergraduate and graduate students to find suitable housing. They can assist by aiding the search for OU rental houses, looking over the terms of a lease, finding roommates, and filming a video tour of the property prior to move-in.


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