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Your first college apartment is a big step, especially if you’ve lived in the dormitories. Off campus housing offers plenty of freedom and flexibility; it’s also cheaper in many cases. There are plenty of Athens, Ohio, rentals available, and when you find one, you need to make sure you don’t forget the essentials. Below is a checklist of things you need for your new place.

The List

• Bed 
• Desk 
• Dresser 
• Kitchen appliances (Toaster, Microwave, etc.) 
• Table and Chairs 
• TV 
• Couch 
• Dishes and silverware 
• Cleaning supplies 

This list, by no means, is complete. Each person has different needs, but these are the essential. There are other thing that you should also think about.

Food Supplies

Make sure to stock your fridge and cupboards with food. On campus, you had the option of going to the cafeteria for a meal. Moving off campus means giving up that convenience. Even if you still get to eat on campus, it’ll be inconvenient once you’re moved into your new place.

Furniture Concerns

Of course, what you need is going to depend on whether the apartment is furnished or not. A fully-furnished apartment may have all the furniture you need, so it’ll cost less upfront. On the other hand, an unfurnished apartment means buying furniture, which can be expensive and problematic. New is typically expensive and used may have bugs or strange smells associated with them.


Entertainment Needs

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As an experienced college student, you know how much downtime you have. However, there are different social challenges faced with living in an apartment as opposed to a dorm. On campus, you had the freedom to visit anyone that you wanted. Friends were often just a couple doors down and could help alleviate boredom and stress. Campus activities were abundant and easy to get to. Living off campus, you’ll need to provide for your own entertainment. A TV, game console, and Netflix are a good start.

Checking Out

Before you do anything, find out exactly what you can expect from Athens, Ohio, rentals and then choose what you need. You can usually do this with a walk through before signing a lease or rental agreement. Sometimes, you’ll have to wait until you move in. Either way, a little patience and the right questions to the right people will make your move everything you want it to be. Contact Wharton Rentals to find your perfect first college apartment today!

Wharton Rentals is committed to making the off-campus living experience a positive one for college students in Athens, Ohio.

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