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Moving into a new apartment can be fun and exciting. You’ll have more space, more independence, and of course, more rooms to decorate. Choosing a style for your rental apartment is an awesome task, but can sometimes seem overwhelming with all of the different decorating ideas out there to work with. Do you want bright colors with soft accents? Or do you want to go more modern with sharper lines and cleaner features? These and other questions will inevitably enter your mind while attempting to choose a direction for your decor. Thankfully, there are decorating ideas and design tips from the experts to help you choose a path to decorating your dream apartment. 

Go with Function First

Before you start tossing random furniture, pictures, and plants into your new home, consider function first. Smaller apartments need to have function before they can have flair. Ask yourself what you want to do with your space.

Will there be a lot of cramming and studying this year? Having an organized and well-lit workspace will be key. Are you planning on becoming an amateur chef in the upcoming months? Then you need to make sure you have a solid dining space and cooking area. Once you know how you want your apartment to function, you can start to choose the right items to make that happen.

Choose a Color Palette or Theme

Once you know how your apartment will function and flow, you can start to nail down your favorite color palettes or design themes. If you feel that a farmhouse style would work well for you, then start to identify color palettes and decor that fits that theme. Choosing more rustic tables, chairs, and decor can help you to set the tone of the apartment. If you’re more of a beach person who loves bright colors and sunshine, then you can start to pick out your favorite items that match your island style, like whitewashed headboards and coral colored pillows.



Strategic Shelving

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Smaller rental apartments should always have proper shelving. There are a variety of different shelving materials and styles to choose from. Floating shelves are famous for creating a fun look on the walls while also providing space for knick-knacks, pictures, or your favorite flowers. There’s also ladder-like bookshelves that aren’t only cool pieces, but they’re also sturdy and can store dozens of heavy textbooks.

Shelving is essential for rental apartments that may not have a lot of storage space. Just remember to keep some areas open and clear on the shelves to help keep the apartment looking clean and uncluttered.

Window Treatments

A common mistake when decorating a new space is forgetting about window treatments. A great rule of thumb is to go big when it comes to curtains. Long curtains can elongate your walls and make the room appear bigger than it is. Curtains can also soften the room and act as a nice accent to your theme. Plus, it’s nice to be able to close them when you’re not home to save on that energy bill as well. Court Street Apartments in Athens, OH, are never complete without the right window treatments! Contact Wharton Rentals today to learn more about their rentals!


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