Finding a great place to live during your university years isn’t easy, especially if you need off-campus housing near Ohio University or another popular college. While it can be a little tricky to find the perfect student accommodation, it isn’t impossible to find something really great!

One thing students must do to find the ideal place to live is to understand which amenities are important to them in terms of student accommodation. These perks will make their off-campus experience much more comfortable. It’s not always obvious what to expect when searching for a place, so you must pay close attention to the details when considering where to live. 

Good Location

A good location is essential, as this will dictate where you spend most of your time—whether you study on campus or at home, where you can do your grocery shopping, how close you are to friends, etc. 

Consider if you want to stay close to campus with better access to the library, classrooms, and professors’ offices, or if you’d rather stay farther away from campus to help set boundaries between school and the other parts of your life. Living farther away might be ideal if you have a car, but if not, finding a place close to your school might be better to make it easier to get to and from school every day. 

Safe Neighborhood

All students want to feel safe when at college, especially if they’re in a city or town they are unfamiliar with. Pay close attention to what the neighborhoods are like when you are considering potential rentals. 

For example, students walking to and from college should avoid picking a property that will force them to walk through a dangerous neighborhood. If you’ve already spent enough time in your college town to get to know the area, you should know which parts of town to avoid. If not, you can always ask for advice from the current occupants during your viewing or from online communities dedicated to finding and selling housing contracts in the area. 


Having a place to park is a huge perk in a college town, but it’s not always as simple as getting your own guaranteed spot. You’ll need to understand how parking works at a rental before you sign a lease; find out if there’s a private lot, how many spots are available, if you’ll need to park on the street, etc.

Similarly, you’ll want to make sure your car is safe. Parking garages are ideal for this, though these typically only come with apartment living. Remember that you may also need to buy a parking pass to keep your car in a lot, a parking garage, or even on the  street.

In-House Washer and Dryer 

Rather than dragging your dirty laundry to the laundromat every week, an in-house washer and dryer is a spectacular perk that not enough students think about when searching for a place to live. Usually, properties will include the washer and dryer as a feature on its listing, and when searching, you may even be able to filter out any student housing that doesn’t have them in-house. 


An excellent living space will boast plenty of storage to accommodate a group of students. This is a huge bonus when sharing a rental with multiple people. Excellent storage options, ranging from cupboards, attics, and space under the beds, will make the place more comfortable. It will also ensure you don’t get in each other’s way or cause tension if you feel someone is not pulling their weight when it comes to keeping the place tidy. 

Well-kept Living Space

You don’t want to live somewhere that looks like it has been neglected for a long time. A clean and well-managed space, therefore, should be a top priority. Modern and renovated living spaces mean fewer maintenance problems, and it will also be more comfortable to live in due to recent air conditioning and heating systems, newer appliances, and cleaner overall conditions. However, even slightly older buildings can provide a decent level of comfort.

It’s a great idea to look at property reviews and speak to past tenants, especially those still living there when you visit for a viewing. You should always see the space in person rather than merely rely on photographs. This will give you the best idea of whether it will work for you or not, and you can select the optimal property for your university living needs. 

College housing can be hit and miss, and picking the wrong place to live for the coming year could seriously affect your college experience. However, with this list of amenities to look for, you can feel comfortable and confident in your decision; do what you can to make sure you have everything you need to make your college years as enjoyable as possible!

Wharton Rentals is committed to making the off-campus living experience a positive one for college students in Athens, Ohio.

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