Athens, Ohio, Court Street apartmentscan feel a bit drab at times. You’re often limited on just how much sprucing up you can do. Most apartments won’t allow you to paint, and some are strict about what you can hang to minimize the holes you put into the walls. So how can you make your apartment feel like home? The right color scheme can go a long way towards giving your apartment a comfortable, homey feel—and you don’t even have to paint to do it.

Navy Blue Accent Wall and White and Brown FurnitureBlack, White, and Gray

Because many apartments have white walls and require you to keep them that way, this color combination is perfect for students in university apartments. Start with your white walls as a canvas and add hangings and décor to create a contrast in colors with a contemporary feel. Hang black curtains, put down a black-and-white patterned rug, and add a few throw pillows to the couch. If you want a bit more color, choose a single accent color and add a few splashes of it to the mix, such as a red blanket over the back of the couch or a few goldenrod throw pillows.

Navy, Brown, and Cream

This is another color combo that works well with the blank canvas of unpainted apartment walls. Soften the starkness of plain white or cream walls by adding deeper, richer tones to the room. Some rich, navy blue drapes and wall décor featuring warm, brown tones will create a beautiful contrast while softening the harshness of those unpainted walls.

Green and Red Brick

Some apartments have a red brick wall along one side. Use this to your advantage! That red brick can make an incredible accent wall, especially if you highlight it properly. As complementary colors, green is the perfect way to put the spotlight on that red brick. Add elements of green wherever you can in the room; you can even paint a perpendicular wall in this color if your apartment allows it. Of course, you don’t want it to look too Christmassy, so go with a more muted shade of green with grayish undertones to complement the more rustic reds in the brick.

Black, White, and Gray Living RoomSlate Blue and Sandstone

If you’re looking to create a brighter space with a beachy feel, slate blue and sandstone are a fantastic color combo. If your apartment permits it, paint an accent wall in this soft blue hue and leave the rest of the walls white or cream. Add splashes of sandstone—a gorgeous, soft yellow—throughout the room’s décor to create a vibe reminiscent of a seaside getaway. Can’t paint? Add slate to the space via your bedding, a rug, or other large decorating elements in the room.

Ask Before You Paint

As eager as you may be to make your apartment feel more like home, it’s extremely important that you speak to your landlord or property management company regarding their rules on painting. If your contract stipulates that you cannot paint, you may still be able to get permission to do so if you’re willing to sign a contract accepting responsibility for repainting the apartment to its original colors before you move out.

However, even if you’re not allowed to paint, you can still make the apartment your own by using some of the tips above and sticking to an obvious color scheme as you decorate your space. If you’re looking for Court Street apartments in Athens, Ohio,check out our online listings to see what we have available at Wharton Rentals.

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