New trends are emerging in 2020 due to the exceptional circumstances of the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has kept a lot of people at home, and quarantine has become part of normal life. In case of another outbreak, everybody needs to be prepared to hunker down and settle in at home, and this includes students living in housing at Ohio University. Maintaining a well-kept living space is a great plan for students, and here are a few of the best daily cleaning tips to manage cleaning during quarantine and beyond.

Make the Bed

First things first, it’s important to try and stick to a routine as much as possible, and that can start with making the bed. It’s a chore, but it’s a quick and easy way to keep bedrooms clean and presentable. During quarantine, it can be easy to slip into messy habits, but tidying up sheets and pillows will prevent that feeling of laziness. Plus, it’s always a nice feeling to get into a freshly made bed at night after a long, rewarding day.

Tackle Laundry

In addition to making the bed, students at Ohio University housing should think about their laundry routines too. Picking clothes up off the floor and putting them into the laundry basket won’t take long, and neither will putting a load of laundry in the washing machine. This simple task will ensure there’s always clean clothes to wear and that there’s less mess lying around. Laundry pileups are never fun, and this can be easily avoided with a smart laundry schedule.

Clean the Kitchen

Clean kitchen counterAnother way to maintain clean Ohio University houses during quarantine is to tidy up the kitchen whenever possible. When dishes are dirty, wash them. When there’s a spill or stain on the counters, clean it up. It’s amazing how just a few little things like this can create a spic-and-span house even during the trying times of quarantine. Antibacterial cleaning products are a must-have for cleaning surfaces safely and efficiently. Students with roommates can split up these chores and get the work done faster. It won’t be long before the kitchen is squeaky clean.

Check on the Toilets

Toilets should be cleaned regularly, along with sinks, showers, and any other surfaces in the bathroom. These spaces are notorious for germs, and in a time where personal hygiene and cleanliness are paramount, it pays to keep a clean and safe bathroom. Everyone can appreciate a clean bathroom, free of dirt and hair that can make unkept toilets and showers seem so dirty and gross. This is particularly true during quarantine when students are studying and working at home most of the time.

Vacuum and Mop

Quarantine cleaning regimes should extend to commonly used surfaces throughout the house. Weekly or even semiweekly vacuuming and mopping can make a big difference. Committing to a quick cleaning regime like this can ensure germs are kept under control, and the house itself stays warm and welcoming at a time when being at home is essential. It’s all about creating a clean and positive environment for pursuing goals and relaxing, and a regular cleaning schedule will make it happen.

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