You’ve started college! Whether you end up at the popular Court Street Apartments in Athens, Ohio, or somewhere else, keep these considerations in mind to make a successful start to your freshman year.

Get What You Need Up Front

Make sure you have your books, study materials, clothes, and whatever you need for the semester before you head out to school. Making hurried, last-minute runs to the store is a good way to become frazzled as you start your college experience.

Budget! Budget! Budget!

This cannot be overstated. You need to know essentially how much money you spend every month, or you could end up spending much more than you have saved. Try to put together a realistic budget from the information that you have, and if you need to change it later, that’s okay. At the very least you should have a ballpark idea of where you’ll need to allot your money while you’re in school. You’ll have to plan for your Court Street apartment, food, books, entertainment, etc.

Court Street Apartments: Consider the Benefits of Off-Campus Housing

For some people, the traditional experience of living on campus is their first thought. However, this is expensive, and can be restrictive when it comes to living space, social life, and meal options. Check out a selection of nice off-campus Court Street apartments or other similar options and branch out to off-campus housing as you begin to learn in a new environment.

Be Choosy with Roommates

As you choose your off-campus housing, make sure that the people with whom you are living are trustworthy and compatible. You may also want to get a sense of what their priorities are when it comes to school. Experienced students and those focused on their academics will probably enjoy living with like-minded people, highly social young adults might thrive with similar students, and so on.

If you find yourself living with people whose goals and values are different from yours, it can be a difficult experience, although you can learn a lot from it. Doing a little research on potential roommates up front can be a valuable part of setting yourself up for success at college. It can be a good idea to also write down some of your own resolutions, to strengthen your outlook and make sure you will get what you want out of school.

Watch Your Social Media

Some people feel like it may not need to be said, but this one is important: watch what you post on social media! You’ll be connecting with a lot of new people, and you should be careful about what you reveal about yourself.

That includes pictures of your apartment or housing and other posts that give away too much information that others can use in a negative manner. The best course of action is to put the smartphone away and focus on hitting the books.

Don’t Get Into the Habit of Procrastinating

College is an excellent time to start learning one of the fundamental rule of success: tackle hard things head on. Don’t wait! Procrastination is the enemy of academic success or any other kind of achievement. When you can really put this principle to work, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment that will support you as you progress toward getting your undergraduate degree.

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