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Having your own place in Athens is a great thing. You’re close to campus, and you’re in a gorgeous hilly neighborhood filled with students and staff. However, you’re not here all year. There are times — especially during the summer — when you’re not going to be around, yet you’re go-ing to have to pay rent anyway. Thankfully, there’s a way to spend the summer months back home without having to pay for an empty apartment. Subletting your apartment is a great way to recoup some of the costs of renting year round, so here are some tips on how to sublease your Ohio University house rental.

Know the Risks

Before you do anything, ask your landlord if it’s okay. Most places in Athens are used to subletting and don’t have a problem with it, but it’s important that you be upfront with the rental company. Then, before you proceed, consider the risks involved with subletting your place. If the person renting your apartment is irresponsible, they could damage it beyond what your deposit can pay for. Also, be mindful of not leaving your valuables in your apartment while you’re away.

Ask Around

Naturally, the risks associated with subletting are mitigated if you can rent out your apartment to a close friend or someone you know you can trust. Reach out to your community of friends and family members to see if anyone’s visiting Athens for the summer. Maybe there’s a fellow student you know who’s sticking around, and they need a place for their friend as well. It’s always better to find someone who’s not a complete stranger if you can.

You’re a Landlord Now

Once you’ve found the tenant from among your friends and associates, you’re going to have to assume the mantle of landlord. That means you should ask for a security deposit, and check their references. Have them sign a rental agreement, and when rent’s due, make sure they stick to the agreed-upon conditions.

Rental Agreement

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Take “Before” Photos

Take pictures of your place before your tenant moves in. Run through a checklist detailing everything in the apartment you’ll be following up with when you return, and have your renter sign it. If something were to be damaged, you’ll want evidence so you can avoid any arguments. It’s also a good idea to have a contact in Athens who can check up on the place while you’re gone. You might need their help should anything goes wrong, and you can pay them back afterwards with dinner or a couple drinks.

Leave a Reference Notebook

List anything the renter should know that can be of help. Write down details about how all the TV and entertainment systems work, what your WiFi password is, and any contact information for nearby services that could be useful. If they’re from out of town, leave a courtesy list of the local supermarkets, bars, and restaurants that you like.

Of course, make sure you’re 100% comfortable with the renter and the whole arrangement before committing. If you’re the one looking for a place to rent in Athens, OH, call Wharton Rentals at (740) 592-1399. We provide excellent university off campus housing by Ohio University. Call us for your perfect off campus rental today!

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