You’ve done your time living in campus housing, and now you’re finally eligible for Ohio University off-campus housing. You’re weighing your options now that you’re no longer stuck with dorm rooms and dining hall meals. It’s a lot of work to figure out which one makes the most sense for you. We’ve compiled a list of costs and other factors to compare when considering your options.

Housing Costs

On-Campus Housing: $1,219/month

For the 2020-2021 school year, a single room on campus will run you at around $4,500/semester, or about $1,200 per month. This includes access to shared restrooms and study spaces.

Off-Campus Housing: $350 – $1,200/month

You could pay as little as $350 for Ohio University off-campus housing. The cost will depend on the number of housemates, size of the house, location, and bathroom situation. If you want to cut costs, you can share a place (and expenses) with friends.

Food Cost

On-Campus Food Cost: $540/month

If you want to eat every meal, the OHIO Guarantee will charge you $2,432 per semester.  This equates to over $500 a month.

Off-Campus Food Cost: $175-$390/month

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a generous grocery budget for one person is about $350/month for a college-aged female and about $390/month for a college-age male. If you want to save as much money as possible, the same report says you can reasonably feed yourself for as little as $175/month for females and $196/month for males.

Quality of Life

Privacy: On-Campus

It’s possible to get a single room in dorm housing at Ohio University. If you are lucky enough to do so (there aren’t enough for everyone), you will share a bathroom with 6-30 other people. You will also have shared living and eating spaces.

Privacy: Off-Campus

Depending on your budget, you can reasonably expect to have your own room in Ohio University off-campus housing. You may share your bathroom with your housemates, or you may have your own bathroom. You will have a kitchen to prepare food and extra living space, too.

Square Footage: On-Campus

The square footage of single dorm rooms varies, but rooms will probably be around 9 ft by 15 ft, or roughly 135 square feet. Doubles in the same dorm (Crawford) are approximately 190 square feet or 95 square feet per person.  

Square Footage: Off-Campus

The size of Ohio University’s off-campus housing will vary widely. Your bedroom could be as small as dorm rooms on campus if you want to save money. Alternatively, you might decide to lease your own apartment and have the entire square footage to yourself—the average single apartment is between 800-1,200 square feet.

Logistics: On-Campus

Signing up for another year of cramped bedrooms and shared bathrooms is as easy as clicking a button. That’s why many college students will end up staying in campus housing until they graduate. You don’t have a lot of control over what happens next, but it’s a simple process.

Logistics: Off-Campus

Whether you rent your first place this year or when you graduate, the process can be overwhelming. You’ll want to work with a rental agency experienced in renting to college students and first-time-renters to find the perfect place for you.

Living off-campus can save a lot of money, and you’ll get more for your money. Searching for off-campus housing in Ohio doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Contact Wharton Rentals today, and we’ll help you get your very own space!

Wharton Rentals is committed to making the off-campus living experience a positive one for college students in Athens, Ohio.

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