Going away to college and living on your own can be scary. Even if you are excited to leave home and try out the college life, moving out is a big change in your life, and it can be difficult to prepare for such a change. Follow these tips to help you adjust to life on your own.

Prepare for Life on Your Own

If you have not already learned how to do certain house chores on your own, ask your parents to teach you before you leave. You will be responsible for doing your own laundry and perhaps even cooking for yourself. Learning these things while you are still at home can make it easier to adjust and start taking care of yourself.

You should understand that missing home is normal. You will likely miss your parents, your family, your friends, and the home that you grew up in. It can help to take some parts of home with you when you head off to college. If you have a favorite belonging or pictures that you want to put up in your new apartment, it is a great way to remember home when you are missing it.

Tips for Life on Your Own

Once you get to school, you will need to find a balance between school, yourself, and fun. You may even be working which can make balancing your schedule more difficult. Be proactive about making friends–the great thing about a freshman year of college is that you are surrounded by people in the same situation as you. They want to make friends as well, so if you just reach out to people and try to be social, you can quickly find some great friends.

You can avoid homesickness by staying busy. How you spend your time is especially important the first month or so of school. You can go to all the orientation events and activities that your complex puts on. It’s a great way to meet people and keep busy so that you have less time to miss home. You can also join clubs on campus for this purpose.

Don’t leave home behind completely. You should call home at least one a month to tell your parents or other family members about your experiences and hear about what’s happening back home. You may want to do the same with friends who are back home or who have chosen to go to different schools.

Don’t forget about school! When you’re having fun meeting people and experiencing your newfound freedom, it’s easy to forget to go to class or do your homework. Remember to set aside time every day for school and homework and you will be just fine!

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