In the beginning of the semester, it’s important to set up some organization tips so your life can be as clutter-free as possible. It is sometimes difficult to establish new processes and systems to keep your life organized, but once you get the system set up, it won’t take as much effort. So here are 5 Top Organization Tips that can help keep your life clean or clutter-free this semester!

  1. Clean out your clothing

Clothes are the most frequently forgotten about category of clutter that can get out of hand, especially during this season. The best way to prevent your hamper from overflowing is to do a clothing purge every few months, or at least once a year.  

During the purge of your clothing, dump all your non-kept clothes in a big pile and sort through them one by one.Anything you haven’t worn within the past 6 months that’s still clean, put back into a keep pile, anything you wore once or twice but never again, dump it in the donation pile, and anything you wore multiple times should go to your hamper for laundry day.

  1. Keep your bathroom organized

A cluttered bathroom may not seem like a big deal, but if you find yourself rushing to get ready, this is where the stress starts. Make sure that your products are always facing forward so they can be easily identified. If you have a lot of hair products, store them on a shelf instead of the sink counter. This way, you can still see what you have and it won’t take as much space on your counter.

  1. Keep a daily schedule

It’s important to keep a daily schedule so you know what time you need to leave for work, classes, or any other activities. For example, if your first class is at 10am, know what time you’ll need to leave each day. Keep a daily schedule as well as a weekly schedule, which you can write on the whiteboard near your fridge or put on your wall calendar. A schedule will keep your days organized and will keep you on top of the semester.

  1. A place for everything

Keeping things in their place is especially important when you need to access them often. For example, keeping your clothing separated by category, organizing your dishes and silverware rather than keeping them all in one jumbled drawer, and keeping things in places where you know you’ll be able to find them is a critical aspect of organization.

  1. Keep your desk clean

It’s important to have a clear area to do homework when your schedule gets hectic, so make sure that nothing is on your desk when it’s not in use.  Keep your pens/pencils in the holder, don’t dump everything out of your purse when you get home, and keep a small drawer or box below your desk to store things that usually clutter the top.

These organization tips should help keep your life in order this semester! Utilizing physical organization tips will keep your mind free from clutter, too.

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