White toilet with mint green wallMoving in with new roommates—especially ones that you’ve never met before—can come with a lot of growing pains. You have to share spaces, learn to deal with each other’s bad habits, and find a way to live together without driving each other nuts. But one of the most difficult parts of living in Court Street apartments with roommates is learning to deal with their bathroom habits—and we’re not just talking about the amount of time they spend in the shower.

Sharing a toilet can make everyone a little uncomfortable, especially when that toilet isn’t getting cleaned properly. If you’re stuck with a porcelain throne that’s gotten grungy, consider sharing these tips with your roomies.

Clean It Regularly

Nobody likes to be the one to grab the bowl brush and scrub out the toilet. But the task gets a lot less gross if it’s done regularly. Every day or two, just grab the brush, flush the toilet, and scrub the sides as the water runs into the bowl. It’s kind of like brushing your teeth: If you clean the toilet daily, you’re preventing a lot of nasty buildup that makes the task much more unpleasant later.

Of course, you should still do a deeper clean using a toilet bowl cleaner every week, just as you should still go to the dentist every six months, regardless of your brushing habits. (You are going to the dentist, right?) This helps get the bowl extra sparkling clean, and keeps it smelling fresh.

Dust It Off First

Have you ever wiped down the outside of the toilet and noticed an irritating streak of stuck-on dust? This dust settles on the lid of the tank and other surfaces of the toilet; then, when you wipe it down with a wet cloth or cleaning wipe, the moisture causes it to stick to the toilet instead of getting it off. So, dust the outside of the toilet before disinfecting. This will get those pesky dust bunnies off your toilet so you don’t have to worry about them getting clingy.

Gloved hand scrubbing toiletWipe the Rim Every Time

Again, small and simple cleaning rituals on a daily basis will keep your toilet looking neat so that you’re not faced with a cleaning job later that requires a hazmat suit. Nobody wants to talk about it, but drips and splash back happen to everyone. So grab a few sheets of toilet paper and wipe down the seat and/or the rim of the toilet bowl every time you go. This keeps those surfaces—the ones every person in your apartment will have to use—looking neat and clean every single day.

Clean Down Low

Finally, during those weekly cleaning sessions, when you clean the toilet a bit more deeply than just a quick brush and wipe, don’t forget to clean around the base of the toilet. This will mean getting on your hands and knees, and wiping the toilet’s base, as well as back behind the toilet. This keeps the entire area clean, and makes it a more hospitable living environment for everyone in your apartment.

Oh, and make sure you’re taking turns with those weekly deep-cleaning sessions. After all, you’re not the only one using that toilet, and it really should take a village—or at least a few roommates—to keep your toilet clean.

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