As much as leaving home and living in your Ohio University off-campus student housing can be exciting, it’s normal to feel a little homesick, especially if your college housing is drab, dull, and doesn’t have enough personality. Upgrading your personal space to make it cozy and comfortable can make your new area feel a little more like home.

1. Get Colorful Accessories 

Your student apartment or home is likely minimally decorated using careful neutral colors so that it appeals to a broad range of people. Some landlords will permit you to decorate these walls with something morse aesthetically pleasing, but not all will. 

Instead, you can personalize your space with colorful accessories. Add splashes of color by adding your own couch covers, a coffee table, a bedspread, etc. Additionally, you might be able to hang things on the walls using sticky putty and other adhesives that won’t permanently damage the wall.

2. Buy a Plant 

House plants bring a naturalistic feel to any home. Bringing a piece of nature inside can improve both physical and mental well being. If you love to cook, you can grow your own herbs, such as basil or cilantro. If you don’t think you’ll be able to keep a plant alive, something low-maintenance, such as a small succulent, will still offer a sense of freshness to your new home. 

3. Multiple Light Sources

Multiple light sources are a fantastic way to make any room feel cozier, and adding lamps or christmas lights are a terrific alternative to relying on a single ceiling option. You can use varying levels of dimness and light some scented candles to help you relax after a stressful study session. 

4. Add a Rug

Don’t let the Ohio winters catch you by surprise—you won’t realize how badly you need a rug until you get out of bed on a cold winter morning only to touch the icy ground. Varying textures are fantastic for adding visual interest in a home, and it also makes the space feel cozier and more comfortable. There are plenty of rug styles to choose from, so don’t be afraid to be bold with your selection. 

5. Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just a way for you to make sure you look great before going to class or out with friends. They can make a room feel larger, which is a great trick for stereotypically small student housing. Hang these mirrors on your door or lean them up against the wall! You can even write on them with mirror markers to add more personality to your space.

6. Throw Pillows

Your bed will become your sanctuary after long days of studying. Do what you can to make it a little more appealing than merely a pillow and blanket. Throw pillows are a great way to add both comfort and pizazz to your living space, and you can easily find a variety of funky, unique patterns at everyday stores, flea markets, or thrift stores. 

7. Thrift Frames

Thrift stores are great places to buy one-of-a-kind items on a college student’s budget. While you can find picture frames almost anywhere, thrift store finds are always more exciting. They will be unique and affordable, and you can decide if you want to leave them as you find them or paint them to match the rest of your home’s aesthetic.

8. Storage Boxes 

It can be hard to focus on schoolwork if you come home to a messy, disorganized room. Storage boxes are sold in all shapes and sizes—ones that slide easily under the bed or that fit onto shelves will keep the mess to a minimum and allow you to keep track of everything.

9. Use a Memo Board 

A memo board is a fantastic way for you and your roommates to stay organized. You can stay up to date on school schedules,, leave notes for each other, and assign the chores when the dirty dishes pile up. There’s quite the range of options when it comes to memo boards, including a whiteboard, a corkboard, or even a chalkboard.

10. Organize Your Desk 

Considering you’ll spend plenty of time at your desk, you want it to be as organized and functional as possible. Invest in a comfortable office chair, take the time to arrange your books and school supplies, and put a plant and a lamp on your desk too, as mentioned in ideas 2 and 3. 

Moving into a rental house while going to college gives you a blank slate to make it yours, and the sooner you do so, the faster this new place will feel like home. You will notice a huge difference in your comfort, productivity, and happiness once you settle into your new home.

Wharton Rentals is committed to making the off-campus living experience a positive one for college students in Athens, Ohio.

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